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Group Info

PLEASE NOTE: Only original art can be uploaded to the group and to the oekaki board.This is to support the ideals of both DeviantArt and HaevenArts and encourage unique original artists.

Oekaki Artisans' Club is a group focused on education and creation as well as bringing together fans of using oekaki boards.You can also share tutorials,participate in projects,challenges, and collaborations and upload pieces you'd like serious critique on or promote projects you're working on.It also features access to an actual oekaki board private to group members.

OAC is an official extension of the HaevenArts Project, an artist community being built especially for serious digital artists who love oekaki.You can take a look at the Project HaevenArts blog or follow the project on Twitter.The project will also include paintchats,forums,and will have over 20 boards with 20+ custom templates to choose from.Please check it out and consider joining or supporting it.

Twitter: @Haevenarts

You can view the FAQ,rules,and entrance to the board below.The OAC oekaki falls under the same Terms of Service as the haevenArts community.Please make sure you have read and understand the TOS before using the board.

Terms of Service:

Please e-mail any suggestions,comments,questions or general mailings to include a subject or it will be considered spam and deleted.
Founded 1 Year ago
Dec 10, 2012


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Art Creation

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Digital Media

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FAQ & Rules


The rules are very specific and easy to follow.if you have problems or questions send an e-mail to .

1.Be respectful of other artists and their work.

2.Do not use profanity.

3.Do not insult or harass other members.

4.Leave tactful,carefully thought out and thorough critique every time you comment on someone's work.

5.Please use english only at all times for the most effective and general audience experience.

6.Promotion of works in progress,projects,portfolios,or homepages is fine but do it tactfully and professionally.Do not comment or join just so you can tell someone to look at your work or project.It is rude and annoying.

7.Do not upload pornographic or offensive content to the group or board.

8.Upload only finished original digital/scanned work you want real critique on.No scraps,doodles,photos,3-D models,literature or fanart.Also under no circumstances can you put up memes,caption contests,or stock art.

9.Make sure all your uploads have valid commentary and titles.No untitled pieces of work or items with no descriptions.

10.You must be 14 or older to join the group or board.

11.Please rate your uploads appropriately out of respect for any minors in the group.

12. Do not spam or post any type of commercial solicitation.

13.Do not join if you are a lurker,troll or art thief.

14.Any valid incident of stealing,saving,copying,redistributing or defacing work found in the group or on the board that is not your own will not only result in removal from the group but you will also be reported to the DA administrators as well.

15. This is a non-profit community.Please do not post any pieces you intend to sell or use this group as a marketplace to offer prints or commisions.

16.Any content that might be perceived as racially, religiously, politically or generally controversial/sensitive,or specific to a particular faction or group should not be uploaded to the group or board.

17. Please try to upload to an appropriate gallery.There are a lot to choose from and some pieces may be appropriate for more than one.Please resist the urge to put it into multiple galleries! Upload it once and only once to one of the galleries.

Most Important of all all is to be active,creative,and to have fun while you learn to be a better artist.Social pros and eager beginners are all welcome here!

Enter Oekaki:…


What can I do here?

OAC is about sharing ideas,turorials,and critiques as well as art creation and bringing together lovers of oekaki.OAC is all about diversity and improving as an artist so all skill levels,types of art,and styles of art are welcome.However in the interest of the main focus of both DA and HaevenArts only original art is allowed here and on the board.In the future there will also be activities and events like collaborations,trades,and contests as well as education on art movements,projects,terminology.and famous artists.At this time no photography,literature,3-D art or fanart is allowed.Please do not upload any scraps,doodles,or unfinished work to the group or board.

What is Oekaki?

A growing trend on the internet and originating from Japan, oekaki boards have become a haven for artists. The word translates to “scribble” in Japanese, but the term is used in general to refer to any drawing BBS. There are literally hundreds of sites with oekaki boards for public use. Some boards are populated by expert artists, and some are small, private communities. Oekaki internet forum systems allow artists to draw pictures with a drawing program stored on a server and post their drawings on the internet forum. Artists do not upload their images on oekaki internet forum systems; they draw pictures inside web browsers with a computer mouse, a graphics tablet, or a touch screen. However, some versions of oekaki software do allow uploads, and usually the rules of that oekaki will state that only x number of uploads in a week are allowed. The underlying computer technology used in oekaki can be a Java applet or ActiveX. Some oekaki systems offer enough features to create professional-looking images. The resulting picture is usually in dimensions of a few hundred pixels wide or long. The most popular applets used on English internet forums are OekakiBBS, PaintBBS, and Shi-Painter. If the internet forum and the program applet are both equipped for it, the artist can choose to use an animation feature which allows the internet forum users to watch a stroke-by-stroke animation of the image being drawn. Some oekaki internet forums also have a Continue feature (also known as Retouch), which allows the artist to save the image to the internet forum and continue work on it later. Some implementations of Continue/Retouch retain image layers only when an image is saved as an animation. (read the the rest at and

Do I have to join here and on the oekaki?

Yes and no.The oekaki is just a bonus service.If you like oekaki it's a great place to draw and if you never tried it you definitely should.If you just want to be in the DA group that's fine but you must be a member of the group to use the oekaki.

How do I get started?

Participation is king here so be active! You can share tutorials ,ask for advice and critique,discuss art/creative topics,or just upload some ideas or art pieces you'd like critique on.You can talk about projects you're working on (within reason) but do not join just to pimp your service or project.You have to interact with other members.If you have ideas for events such as contests or themes e-mail them to the group founder for consideration.You can also share interesting and relevent links to articles or creative resources.Please do not post links for non-art related sites,adult sites,or sites that do not fit into the topics of the group.

What kind of tutorials are allowed?

Tutorials on creative topics such as drawing ,CG,oekaki etc are preferred.make sure you areare posting tutorials you have created yourself and not reposting tutorials from other sites.You can share links to content like this that you find online.Tutorials must be proofread and detailed with visuals or screenshots and video tutorials are not allowed.If your tutorial is software related try to provide links to downloads of the software or a trial of it.You can also provide example files for people to use if they choose to to follow your tutorial.

What kind of articles are allowed?

Any creative topics like art movements,art history,working in the art industry etc.They should be relatively carefully written,proofread,a suitable length,and your own work with references cited as needed.If you find other articles on the web you'd like to share you may post the link but do not just lift the article and post the whole thing here.

How do I join the oekaki?

If you would like to join the oekaki just keep reading on.The link to the board is after the rules up above the FAQ which you need to read carefully before clicking the link.Once you register on the board you will receive an approval/denial e-mail in 24-48 hours and if you get accepted a welcome o-mail there (a message through the oekaki board's mailbox) that gives you instruction on how to start using the board.If you do not get accepted to the board you will still receive an e-mail stating why and it's not likely you'll be rejected.

The oekaki board does not require art samples but you will be asked to put your DA name in the registration form just in case seeing samples ever becomes necessary for something in the group.


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